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  1. Police Officer Samuel Jimenez was shot and killed after responding to a domestic disturbance outside of Mercy Hospital at 2525 South Michigan Avenue. As officers arrived on the scene the male... View the full article
  2. Police Officer Jason Seals succumbed to injuries sustained on September 25th, 2018, when he was involved in a motorcycle crash while escorting a funeral procession. He was traveling on the 1900... View the full article
  3. K9 Bandit was shot and killed while attempting an apprehension of a double murder suspect in Butte County. Officers had been alerted to a suspicious vehicle in the Camp Fire evacuation... View the full article
  4. Police Officer Toshio Hirai succumbed to injuries sustained in a motorcycle crash the previous day. His police motorcycle was struck by a car at the intersection of Western Avenue and 238th... View the full article
  5. Police Officer Jared Franks was killed in a vehicle crash at the intersection of South Elm-Eugene Street and Webster Road while responding to a robbery in progress call. His patrol car... View the full article
  6. Sergeant Ron Helus was shot and killed after responding to an active shooter at a bar at 99 Rolling Oaks Drive in Thousand Oaks. When he arrived, Sergeant Helus heard gunfire... View the full article
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  11. Scientists may be able to save the critically endangered northern white rhino from extinction, according to stunning new genetic research. View the full article
  12. Anyone who’s ever tried to lose weight knows how difficult reaching your weight goals can seem to be. But a new study found those who step on a scale on a daily basis were more likely to shed weight than those who did not. View the full article
  13. He's not old enough to drive. He may not even be able to see over the steering wheel. But for the third time this year, an 11-year-old Ohio boy reportedly led cops on a high-speed chase Sunday -- the latest incident allegedly sparked by his mom taking away a toy. View the full article
  14. The midterm election is history, but the ongoing crisis that is Donald Trump's presidency is far from over. Having reprised the fear-mongering, race-baiting and deceit that propelled him to the Oval Office, Trump in 2018 showed he will continue to lie and deceive and disrupt. If you expected a reprieve from the chaos, forget about it. View the full article